GBPPA Past Meetings

Here's a list of all of the member meetings that the GBPPA has held over the years, all the way back to its founding in 1986. Perhaps other groups will find this useful as a source of ideas for meeting topics and speakers.

Click on a highlighted date to read a brief report of that meeting.

6/04/05 GBPPA Board "Open Discussion - The Future of the GBPPA"
5/3/03 Fredson Bowers GBPPA Member "Panel: Making Your Life Easier"
Steve Anderson GBPPA Member
Thayer McCain, OTR/L Proprietor Thriving At Home
10/18/03 Nicholas S. Hill, MD Chief of Pulmonary, Critical Care and the Sleep Divisions Tufts New England Medical Center "Pulmonary Health and Post Polio Syndrome - What We All Need to Know"
5/3/03 Anna Rubin Education and Outreach Coordinator IRCP, Framingham, MA "A Home Safety Workshop"
Jackie Dobson, OTR/L Proprietor Solutions for Accessibility, Watertown, MA
10/19/02 open meeting "Effect of PPS Changes on Family and Friends"
6/9/02 Richard Bruno, PhD Director The Post-Polio Institute "The Polio Paradox"
4/20/02 Sally Johnson Social Worker IRCP, Framingham, MA "Communication - Coping - Change"
10/20/01 Joan L. Headley Executive Director International Polio Network,
St. Louis, MO
"Post-Polio Syndrome: Working Together
Our Past, Present and Future"
5/19/01 Margaret Backman,
Ph D
Clinical Psychologist Columbia University, N.Y.U. Medical School "Living Together With Post-Polio Syndrome"
4/21/01 Linda Wobeskya,
Physical Therapist East Meets West Physical Therapy "Zero Balancing: A Complementary Approach to Treating Post- polio Pain"
11/19/00 Richard L. Bruno, Ph D Clinical psychophysiologist
specializing in pain relief
Englewood Hospital "PPS From Head to Toe"
Nancy Frick, Lh D Educator & Researcher in
psychology of disability
Harvest Center "The Psychology of Polio Survivors"
10/21/00 Dr. Richard T. Goldberg Psychologist Spaulding Rehab Hospital "The Rehabilitation of
Franklin D. Roosevelt"
6/3/00 Bill & Camille Anthony Napping The Napping Company "The Art of Napping"
4/29/00 Jeb Cogger Financial Planning Specialist Merrill Lynch "Financial Planning Strategies for the 21st Century"
10/16/99 Maria Cole, OTR Occupational therapist Spaulding Rehabilitation Services (Wellesley) "How to Simplify Your Life"
Steve Anderson Member GBPPA "An Innovative Approach to Pain Reduction"
9/25/99 Lisa Krivickas, MD Physiatrist Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital "Breathing Problems in Post-Polio"
5/15/99 Linda Wobeskya, PT Physical Therapist East Meets West Physical Therapy "Post-Polio Syndrome and Physical Therapy: Treatment Update"
4/24/99 Steven Moscowitz, MD Physician Lahey Clinic Neurology Dep't. "Post-Polio Syndrome: Optimizing Outcomes"
11/7/98 Agatha Colbert, MD Physiatrist Tufts University School of Medicine "The Body Electric: Acupuncture and Magnetic Therapy in the Treatment of Pain"
5/30/98 Jim Dougan Consultant Metro West Center for Independent Living Panelists spoke about the services for persons with disabilities provided by their organizations
Maria Steele Administrator Social Security Administration
Bob Tarantino Compliance Officer Registry of Motor Vehicles
4/18/98 Carroll Dwyer Filmmaker and Group Founder Springfield, MA Post-Polio Group A showing of his new video documentary, "Polio: The Haunting Ghost"
10/19/97 Lauro Halstead, MD Director,
Post-Polio Program
National Rehabilitation Hospital Current Research on Post-Polio Syndrome
9/20/97 Nadine Braunstein Nutritionist Presentation on proper diet
5/10/97 Open discussion "Lifestyle Changes and Coping Techniques"
4/19/97 Kernan Manion, MD Psychiatrist Stress Management
10/19/96 Julie K. Silver, MD Medical Director Spaulding Neighborhood Rehabilitation Center "Advances in the Treatment of Post-Polio Syndrome"
4/20/96 Lou Christina Representative Whitakers assistive equipment Explanation and demonstration of assistive devices
10/14/95 Dana Snyder-Grant, LICSW Licensed Social Worker Chronic illness and disability
4/22/95 Open discussion - Fred Bowers, moderator "Post-Polio Sounding Board: A Sharing of Experiences and Concerns"
5/21/94 Robert O'Toole Licensed Social Worker and Clinical Gerontologist Adjusting to disability and lifestyle changes in post-polio syndrome
4/30/94 Panel followed by open discussion - Jim Dougan, moderator Various topics in post-polio syndrome
5/22/93 Patricia McAlary, RN, Ed.D Clinic Coordinator Spaulding Hospital Pain Rehabilitation Program "Management of Chronic Pain in Post-Polio Syndrome"
4/23/93 Linda Long Staff Attorney Disability Law Center "Everything You Wanted to Know About Social Security/SSI But Were Afraid to Ask"
5/6/92 Fredson Bowers Secretary GBPPA Cape Cod Meeting -"Overview of Post-Polio Syndrome"
5/2/92 Kent van Heukelom Certified Orthotist Ortho-East, Inc. "New Options for Post-Polio Bracing"
Curt Hiller Lifecare, Inc. Demonstration of respiratory devices
4/4/92 Julie McCarthy Custom design & mfg. of adaptive clothing Trisha's, Inc. Display & discussion of adaptive clothing
Joel Samuels, moderator Treasurer GBPPA Open discussion
10/26/91 Theodore Munsat, MD Director of Neuromuscular Research Center New England Medical Center "Post-Polio Syndrome Update"
9/28/91 Linda Wobeskya, M.S., P.T. Physical Therapist and Clinical Teacher Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital "Treatment of Post-Polio Syndrome"
6/8/91 Open Discussion
4/4/92 Steven Moscowitz, MD Medical Director of Ambulatory Services New England Rehabilitation Hospital "You Have Post-Polio Syndrome: What Do We Do Now?"
Dorrice Cotrell Ambulatory Neurologic Program Director
10/13/90 Dorothy Bickling Bromfield & Bickling Financial Services "Financial Planning for Retirement"
4/29/90 Sayre Gorodetsky Holiday Travel Agency "Travel for the Disabled"
10/28/89 Marguerite Kevorkian, PT Rehabilitation Coordinator Dedham Visiting Nurse Association "Arthritis and PPS"
Ann McLaughlin author Readings from her novel, "Lightning in July"
9/23/89 Frederick Mansfield, MD Orthopedic Surgeon Massachusetts General Hospital "The Orthopedic Surgeon and the Post-Polio Patient"
4/15/89 Paul Spooner Rehabilitation Counsellor Independent Living Centers "Sexuality and Disability"
5/20/89 Panel discussion with group participation "Lifestyle Changes"
11/19/88 Representatives from the Feldenkrais Alliance Holistic health "A New Method of Movement Re-education"
10/22/88 Robert Brown, MD Massachusetts General Hospital "Post-Polio Update"
9/24/88 Representatives from Boston Home Medical Medical supply store Demonstration of aids for handicapped persons. Also discussion, "Coping With PPS".
4/23/88 James Cannon Certified Orthotist First Medical, Inc. "Orthotics for Polio People"
3/26/88 John Myerson Director Center for Holistic Health at Framingham "Holistic Health: What Is It and How Can It Help Us?"
12/11/87 Holiday Reception at Eliot Church Guest of Honor: Gini Laurie, founder of International Polio Network
11/28/87 Francis Curran, MD Respiratory specialist Lakeville Hospital "Respiratory Problems in the PPS Individual"
10/24/87 Theodore Munsat, MD Director of Neuromuscular Research Center New England Medical Center "Post-Polio Syndrome - What Is It? What Can We Do About It?"
9/26/87 Nimet Oruc, MD
Sue Blumenthal, PT
Mary Palaima, PT
Physiatrist and Physical Therapists Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital "The New Post-Polio Clinic at Spaulding Rehab. Hospital"
8/16/87 Summer Pot-Luck Celebration at Eliot Church
6/20/87 Martin Rosen, MD Chiropractor "The Neurological Component of PPS"
5/16/87 Kathy Hanlan Chief Psychiatric Occupational Therapist Newton-Wellesley Hospital Stress Management in Relation to PPS
4/11/87 David Sloan-Rossiter, PhD Support Group Facilitator Beth Israel Hospital "Coping With Chronic Disability and Illness"
3/7/87 Claire McCarthy, PT Director of PT and OT Boston City Hospital "Physical Therapy in the Treatment of PPS"
Michelina Cassella, PT Associate Director of PT and OT
2/14/87 Jo Ann Simon Registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist "Acupuncture for Control of Chronic Pain and Fatigue"
12/14/86 Holiday gathering at Eliot Church
11/22/86 Richard Rosenwald Psychiatrist "Coping With Post-Polio Syndrome" (group discussion)
10/30/86 Robert Brown, MD Massachusetts General Hospital "Post-Polio Syndrome: Recent Experiences at Mass. General Hospital"
9/25/86 Paula Sarns Field Representative Social Security Adm. "Social Security Disability Benefits"
Edward Kellanar Mass. Rehab. Commission
4/26/86 Jay Portnow, MD Physiatrist Braintree Hospital "Current Concepts and Lifestyle Modification"

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