June, 2005 Meeting Notes

by Fredson Bowers, GBPPA Board

The meeting was opened at 1:10 P.M. Saturday, June 4, 2005 at the United Congregational Church of Auburndale by Elaine Burns, president. The eight Board members were seated at a long table at the front of the room. After self-introductions of the Board and Association members, Elaine then introduced Joel Samuels, one of the founders of GBPPA and treasurer emeritus, and announced that a donation had been made to Post-Polio Health International in his honor. Bob Coluci, leader of the South Shore Supprt Group and Stan Graveline, who heads the Cape Cod Group were also introduced.

Elaine commenced the topic of the future of GBPPA with a brief history of the Association to the present time when we are experiencing lower turnouts at meetings and considerable difficulty obtaining good speakers for meetings and good articles for TRIUMPH. A number of polio support groups have shut down in response to such problems. She and the other Board members are experiencing a loss of energy and are unable to continue at the same level of activity. She said that the last eighteen years have been a wonderful experience for her but she will not be able to run for president again in October, although she is willing to act as an advisor.

Elaine then read a list of all the activities in which GBPPA is engaged, and commented that the Board is simply looking for input and no decisions will be made at this time. She then turned the meeting over to the members.

The following is a sample of the many comments made by members during the course of the discussion:

Elaine then read a piece which appeared in the Spokane group's newsletter explaining their decision to celebrate as they shut down. The meeting ended at 3:00 P.M.

Many thanks to the Girl Scouts and their troop leader for donating the refreshments, coming to set up the tables and then returning to clean up. Also thanks to the volunteers who set up the tables and chairs and then put them away again after the meeting. Thanks also to Linda Dobkin and Anne Harpin for organizing the meeting, and to Elaine Burns and Jack Memishian for their many contributions to the success of the meeting.

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