September, 1999 Meeting Notes

by Fredson T. Bowers, Jr.

The September 25th meeting at the United Parish Church of Auburndale was attended by approximately forty members and guests. Lisa Krivickas, M.D., a staff physiatrist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, gave a slide presentation entitled "Breathing Problems in Post-Polio."

She told us that early symptoms of respiratory problems include poor sleep, weak cough, excess daytime fatigue, nightmares and inability to clear lungs. More advanced symptoms include wheezing, truncated speech and shortness of breath with exertion or while eating. Individuals with respiratory insufficiency need to prevent infection, and the pneumonia vaccine and flu vaccine are highly recommended. Such persons should also avoid the use of oxygen since it decreases the respiratory drive.

Representatives from Technimed, Inc. and Clarence E. Smith, Inc. then showed two of the latest pulmonary systems available. The presentations were followed by refreshments and socializing.

Many thanks to Dr. Krivickas for sharing her expertise with us. Thanks also to the volunteers who help out with all aspects of putting on our meetings and to GBPPA member Carol Meyer for taking the notes of this meeting.

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