September, 1997 Meeting Notes

by Fredson T. Bowers, Jr.

The meeting was opened at the United Parish Church of Auburndale with somewhat over 50 members and guests present.

After the customary announcements, Nadine Braunstein, M.S.R.D., a nutritionist, was introduced as our speaker.

Diet means in Greek "a way of living." In order to decide which of at least several ways to make changes in our diets, keep a food diary for several weeks. If you have any problems with diet, this diary would be helpful for a dietician or a doctor.

We need extra water to break down body fat and to help the muscles. If you are struggling with weight problems, drink more water. Tea and coffee are diuretics and can cause us to lose too much fluid.

Since muscles need protein, red meat is good for post-polio muscles but should be low fat. Lean red meat should be eaten several times a week. Red meat also supplies iron. A recent post-polio study indicated that eating red meat several times a week was beneficial to the participants. Fish and chicken are also excellent, but our diets should incorporate red meat for iron.

Vitamins with minerals should be taken every day. Centrum Silver is good. However, vitamins do not take the place of food since vegetables and fruits contain minerals and other needed things that vitamins alone do not have. Vegetables and fruits help to lower blood pressure. Frozen vegetables are tasteful and easy to prepare, especially steamed or microwaved.

For a snack, you can add eggbeaters, peanut butter or almond butter on bagels. Almonds and walnuts lower cholesterol.

Food presentation is important and makes the meal more appetizing. Warm food is more satisfying than cold. Arrange your eating times to when you tend to feel hungry.

All foods have toxins and anti-toxins. Eat a variety so that the foods with toxins can be cancelled by those with anti-toxins. Caffein cancels out the benefits of calcium. Decaf coffee is better in this respect.

Other things can affect diet. Proper sleep is very important. Learning to breathe deeper and longer helps your body to work less hard.

There was a question and answer period followed by refreshments and socializing.

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