June, 2000 Meeting Notes

by Fredson T. Bowers, Jr.

The June 3 meeting at the United Parish Church of Auburndale was attended by approximately forty-five members and guests. Our speakers were Bill and Camille Anthony who, among many other interests, own The Napping Company, Inc. This evolved from family fun with napping into a quite serious effort to bring the advantages of napping to individuals as well as to business firms which are slowly beginning to recognize the benefits to employees. Part of the fun resulted in a hilarious "A Napping Vocabulary" including such gems as "napnostic - a non believer in the healing power of nap." Each has written a book about the topic.

Camille spoke about the numerous advantages of napping including the following: it makes you feel better; it makes you more productive; itís inexpensive, not fattening and has no dangerous side effects. Bill then mentioned some habits of highly effective nappers including the following: announce your nap to yourself, gather your napnomic devices (things that assist you to nap such as eye shades); fix a method for on-time awakening (alarm clock, etc.) so you can relax more; begin to plan your next nap as you awaken from this one.

There were a number of questions from the audience, none of whom had dozed off, such as:

Q. Isnít napping a waste of time?

A. No, because of the benefits. You need to change your thinking about it rather than give up napping.

Bill and Camille left us chuckling at the end of their presentation with their favorite slogan, "Itís time for nappers to lie down and be counted."

Many thanks to Bill and Camille for their time and interest. Thanks also to the Newton Girl Scouts troop and their leader, Noreen Francis, who organized the refreshments. In addition, our appreciation goes to the volunteers who set up the hall and helped with the cleanup afterward.

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