May, 1997 Meeting Notes

by Fredson T. Bowers, Jr.

The meeting was held at the United Parish Church of Auburndale with chairs arranged in a circle so that everyone could see and hear during the ensuing general discussion. After copies of "Lifestyle Changes and Coping Techniques: Questions for Discussion" were passed around, Steve and Betty Anderson, as facilitators, opened the proceedings by raising the question of when to offer help to someone with post-polio syndrome, since most individuals are extremely independent and do not like to ask for assistance. The advice given was to maintain a positive attitude, not be reluctant to admit that you need help in a certain situation, and accept it.

During a discussion concerning handicapped access, Pat Prell mentioned her own ingenious solution which involves keeping a cellular phone in her car. She will park outside a retail store or restaurant, call on the telephone and order what she needs. Most businesses are glad to fill her order and bring it out to the car, where she pays for it.

Someone inquired about borrowing assistive equipment. The Masons often have such equipment to lend or give away, and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission can be a resource also. Other topics included exercise and the side effects of medications. All participants agreed that such a group discussion was worthwhile and should be repeated. There was time after the meeting for refreshments and socializing.

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