April, 1999 Meeting Notes

by Fredson T. Bowers, Jr.

The April 24 meeting at the United Parish Church of Auburndale was attended by approximately 85 members and guests. Dr. Steven Moskowitz, now at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington and an old friend of our Association, spoke on "Optimizing in Post-Polio Syndrome" utilizing an overhead projector. He said that there are limitations in measuring outcome in PPS since the effects of treatment can vary and there is no decisive diagnostic test for the condition. It must be clear which problem is being treated with what treatment, and also to define the end point - what is the expected result of the treatment.

Dr. Moskowitz then proceeded to discuss the various symptoms of post-polio syndrome with respect to causes, treatments and outcomes. He paid particular attention to weakness and fatigue which are the two major problems associated with post-polio syndrome. Many symptoms can be alleviated by therapeutic exercise, pacing one’s activities, assistive devices, weight control and, to a limited extent, medications.

There were a number of questions after his presentation followed by refreshments and socializing. Many thanks to Dr. Moskowitz for coming to share his expertise with us. Also, our appreciation goes to the volunteers who helped with refreshments, the literature racks, sound system and cleanup after the meetings.

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