April, 1998 Meeting Notes

by Fredson T. Bowers, Jr.

The meeting was held on April 18th at the United Parish Church of Auburndale with approximately 85 members and guests present. An appeal was made for volunteers to assist with the various activities of the Association. Specifically, there is a need for people to help with some of the committees including those involved with refreshments, official greeters, TRIUMPH editorial staff, meeting programs and speakers, strategic planning, the telephone voice mail line and literature displays. Any members who are interested in these areas may call the telephone voice mail line for more information or to sign up. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

A representative from Streamline spoke about the personal services which they provide including grocery shopping, dry cleaning, video rentals, etc. They service 25-30 communities from their Westwood warehouse and charge $30 per month for weekly delivery service.

A representative from Handicap Mobility, Inc. also spoke about their custom van conversions. There was a lobby display as well as a demonstration van available to view.

Carroll Dwyer from the Springfield area spoke about a new, hour-long post-polio documentary that he has produced entitled "Polio: the Haunting Ghost". The film was then shown and proved to be a very powerful presentation, with post-polio individuals describing their experiences alternating with healthcare personnel commenting on various aspects of post-polio syndrome. There was also some very interesting historical perspective. Many thanks to Carroll for making this film available to the association.

The documentary was followed by questions and discussion. Refreshments and socializing completed the afternoon.

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