April, 1997 Meeting Notes

by Fredson T. Bowers, Jr.

The meeting was held at the United Parish Church of Auburndale. Our speaker was Dr. Kernan Manion, a board-certified psychiatrist who spoke on "Stress Management".

Dr. Manion pointed out that moderate stress helps us to function and assists in motivating us. Excess stress, however, can produce unwanted results emotionally, physically and intellectually. Stress can mimic and intensify the effects of post-polio syndrome. If we can learn to manage stress, we can alleviate at least some of these symptoms. Since we usually cannot eliminate the stressful situation, stress management involves modulating our response. How do we react, for example, when we are cut off by another driver?

There are a number of techniques for inducing the relaxation response, and Dr. Manion discussed the following:

As Dr. Manion told us, if we donít take the time to slow ourselves down, nobody will do it for us. He then invited us to make a commitment to implement one or more of these techniques for a week to see where they might lead us.

The meeting was followed by socializing and refreshments, and Dr. Manion was available to speak individually with members and guests. We thank Dr. Manion for sharing his thoughts on stress management with us.

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