April, 2001 Meeting Notes

by Fredson T. Bowers, Jr.

The April 21, 2001 meeting at the United Parish Church of Auburndale was attended by 43 members and guests.

Don Labbe of Discount Scooters had brought some three-wheel, electric scooters which he demonstrated for the audience. Two were lightweight scooters, one a folding model, and the others were full-size models. Controls were surprisingly easy to operate, and various members were observed zipping around the premises as well as outside, giving the vehicles a good test.

Linda Dobkin then introduced Linda Wobeskya, MS, PT, a physical therapist who has addressed our group before and also writes a column for TRIUMPH. Her topic was "Zero Balancing: A Complementary Approach to Treating Post-Polio Pain." Western medicine addresses specific structural problems which cause pain, while Complementary medicine addresses not only the physical body but the mind, emotions and spirit, and seeks to heal the whole person.

Energy can be blocked, flow freely and may vary in intensity, quantity and quality. The cause of pain is energy not flowing freely through the body. Zero Balancing helps your pain by re-establishing the balance between your structure and your energy. The practitioner accomplishes this though a special type of touch called interface which creates the possibility of movement (change) where there was none. The client's own healing nature determines the amount of change, and clients essentially heal themselves.

Linda then gave a demonstration of an abbreviated Zero Balancing treatment with Linda Dobkin as a willing client. In addition to the practitioner's explanatory comments, Linda Dobkin also provided some input during the session, and at the end felt that some change had occurred.

Linda ended her presentation by fielding a number of questions, and then there was an opportunity for refreshments and socializing.

Many thanks to Linda for her time and interest, to our volunteers who helped set up the hall and with the cleanup afterwards, and also to the Newton Girl Scouts and their Scout leader, Noreen Francis, for arranging for refreshments.

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