October, 1996 Meeting Notes

by Fredson T. Bowers, Jr.

The Annual Meeting of members was held on October 19, 1996 at the United Parish Church of Auburndale, with approximately 85 members and guests present (a new attendance record).

The following members were elected by unanimous vote to the board of directors: Betty Anderson, Fred Bowers, Ali Buckley, Elaine Burns, Jim Dougan, Barbara Johnson, Fred Pearson, Pat Prell, Joel Samuels and Doreen Smith.

Also elected by unanimous vote were the following officers: Elaine Burns, President; Betty Anderson, Vice President; Joel Samuels, Treasurer; Fred Bowers, Clerk/Secretary.

Dr. Julie K. Silver, our guest speaker, was then introduced. After graduation from Georgetown University School of Medicine she trained with Dr. Lauro Halstead, a leading authority on post-polio syndrome (PPS). Dr. Silver is presently Medical Director of the Spaulding Neighborhood Rehabilitation Center in Framingham. Her topic was "Advances in the Treatment of Post-Polio Syndrome".

During her slide presentation she defined disability as what a person can or cannot do because of an impairment, and said that it is the job of the physiatrist to limit and change the disability. This can be done in a variety of ways, including non-fatiguing exercise, weight control, appropriate assistive aids and by spending one’s available energy wisely.

She stressed the importance of avoiding falls. Strong muscles keep bones strong. People with PPS generally have weaker bones, which increases the chance of serious injury when a fall occurs. Constant awareness of the reasons for one’s falls can limit their frequency and thereby reduce the possibility of injury.

Dr. Silver’s presentation was followed by a question and answer period during which she provided thorough answers to a number of questions.

Refreshments and an opportunity to socialize followed the meeting.

We thank Dr. Silver for coming to speak to us, and we greatly appreciate her interest in our Association.

Videotapes of Dr. Silver’s talk are available for $10. Call the GBPPA voice mail at (617)596-8245.

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