Positive Personal Solutions

This compendium is a running collection of helpful hints, information and coping techniques submitted by GBPPA members to Linda Dobkinís Positive Personal Solutions column in our newsletter, TRIUMPH. Some of these items have already been published, while others will appear in future issues.

Share helpful hints for making your days go more smoothly, including ideas such as:

Submissions. We are not yet equipped to accept submissions over the web or by email, but you can contribute your ideas by mailing them to

Reprinting. If you reprint any of this information, please credit the Greater Boston Post-Polio Association and leave the names of the contributors in the text.

Please note! The GBPPA cannot accept liability for any damage resulting directly or otherwise from the information in this column. The opinions expressed in this column are those of the individual authors and do not constitute an endorsement or approval by the GBPPA. Always check with your physician or therapist regarding the feasibility of suggestions for you.

The following suggestions were submitted by Linda Dobkin:

The following suggestions were submitted by Nancy Tuttle, wife, grandmother, and middle school teacher:

The following is a listing of changes, with some estimated prices, that have made to make my life easier as a Post-Polio survivor:

More ideas from GBPPA member, Linda Dobkin

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